Las Vegas Main Water Line Repair

main water line repair

We specialize in the repairing and installation of main water service lines, the line that brings fresh water to your home. This pipe starts at your water meter and travels underground, through your yard and comes into your home.

Speaking of installation, we know what you're thinking. "You're going to have to tear up my yard, making a mess!" Not true. Once repair is done we will repair all the landscape to its original condition.

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Water Line Repair Las Vegas
  • Water MAIN line repair & replacement
  • irrigation repair & installations
  • hose bib repairs & ad-on's
  • outdoor Leaking pipes
  • landscape drain installation
Water Line Repair Las Vegas

$40.00 Irrigation Inspection

Ever wonder if you irrigation system is doing it's job correctly?

Find out with our full irrigation inspection service.

 What's included in this service?

​1. Make sure controller is programed properly and wired correctly

2. All valves will be inspected and tested for leaks and malfunctions

3. Each drip zone will be inspected to make sure all plants and trees have a source of water and that all emitters are working

4. Each sprinkler zone will be inspected to make sure all sprinkler heads have the proper water coverage and to inspect damages in heads and nozzles

5. Drip & Sprinkler lines will be inspected for any leaks

6. A full estimate will be provided with all the repairs needed to have the system 100% Functional

7. Inspection fee will be waived if repairs are done on the same day.

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 irrigation repairs


We specialize in irrigation leak detection and inspection of your irrigation system, timers, wiring system and low pressure diagnosis. We fix broken sprinkler heads, irrigation pipes, irrigation valves, back flow valves and vacuum breaker valves. We also offer seasonal system checks to ensure your irrigation system is always up to par and running properly.

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